Blogging Using A New Handwriting App

Blogging Using A New Handwriting App

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I wanted to try something different today. I recently downloaded, recently being today, a new handwriting note-taking app for my iPad: one that’s compatible with the Apple pencil. So I wanted to test this by writing a quick post using it.

As part of the app, it converts or can convert, the handwriting into text. Even my bad handwriting. At this point, it seems to be doing a very good job: even when I misspell things.

But why you may ask?

Why should I be trying this you may be wondering?

The truth is, although I am not the greatest writer: I do like to write. The best writing, or the best flow of writing, I find happens when I put pen to paper.

This isn’t truly pen to paper of course: but it’s amazing how close it is. And to be able to take my scribble and automatically get it converted… Well, to me, that’s going to motivate me to write down notes move and share.

In can you wandered, before I go off on another tangent, this app is called Nebo.

I can see me using this app a lot more

New technology, when embraced, can help and improve our lines and our workflow.

I know this app is going to improve Mine.

As I said in the beginning, this post is really about testing this app and how capable it is. I think it’s really capable of what I want and is going to allow me to be creative…

So I hope to start sharing more again.

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  1. I would love to see a blog site that allows posts direct from any of the handwriting apps or even one that can accept direct handwritten posts. Im not talking about text converted from handwriting I mean being able to post a had written post. Maybe goodnotes or the lines of Nebo could add this kind of input.

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