My biggest hope and worry

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We have hope and worry for our kids

I wanted to start off on the positive note, I didn’t want to give out any negativity to anyone. However, we all have both hopes and worries for our kids.

My biggest hope

My biggest hope is for both my kids really. Both my daughter and my son. I hope they both can live good lives and have the things we all hope for. A good life. Self-independence, and at some point maybe even a family.

This is tricky for anyone but I truly hope its achievable. For my son it could be more of a struggle with where is is at now. Though at not quite 5 he has many years of change ahead.

It would be nice to know that they both have independence. Being able to support themselves and live their own lives. After all, we all have a finite lifetime so it would be nice to know this. Even if its 20 or 30 years away.

Which brings me to my biggest worry.

My biggest worry

At this moment I worry less about this for my daughter than I do for my son. His ASD; his autism diagnosis, will give him many hurdles to overcome. We all have hurdles to overcome in life too, so I do note that.

My biggest worry is that he won’t be able to live an independent life. At nearly 5 he is still non-verbal and we always hope this will change.

I worry that he won’t. I worry that he will eventually end up in a care type home. I worry he will never achieve independence.

I want him to be able to support himself and have a wonderful life. My goal is to try and achieve that. To do whatever is in my power to do so.

We all have limitations though. Things that block us. For me, working full time means there is a large percentage of his life I’m not around for. This, no doubt, adds to my worry.

I do have hope for the future

What I like to do is put the worry aside and work with the hope. I hope to someday be in a position where I can work from home or work part-time. I hope that when.he starts school he gains those skills to start being independent. I hope he has a good life.

I also have hope in.knowing that I am not alone in these worries. You may have them too.

If so. Why not drop a comment below on your worries

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