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The best posts from week 1 of the blog challenge

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As some of you may know, at the moment I am doing a 30-day blog challenge. This challenge is to create 30 posts, some of which contain specific criteria such as this post, over the period of 30 days. So, after my first week, I thought it would be fun to take a look at the best posts from week 1 of the blog challenge.

First-week recap

To begin with, it can very tricky writing every day. The goal, though, is to reach a point where you find writing much easier and flowing. By writing every day you’re doing the all-important practice.

That’s said. Let’s take a look back at my first week of the challenge. Pick out those all important ‘best posts’ and in doing so, give me a benchmark to beat for the next review.

Posts from last week are

Here are the titles of the posts, as a recap, that I have written this week:

  1. Parenting a child with autism

  2. What board games do you own

  3. Simple daily habits for our son

  4. What bit of technology we find most useful

  5. Little Mr demolition

  6. The only Android app he likes

  7. Messy play with some gloopy stuff

I think you can tell from those titles, I like to have a bit of fun in my posts; but at the same time try to have a more, underline serious message. That said, sometimes it’s just about having fun. Sometimes, it’s about writing to release that inner fun or frustration.

I believe I said it in a post a little while ago. I write for me and I hope it’s entertaining for you. I like to write about whats on my mind, and you can see that from the above ๐Ÿ™‚

My favorite

That said, I wanted to pick 2 of my favorite posts. I’m using the criteriaย of fun to write and read. Before I begin I must say they are all my favorite as I enjoyed writing them all. However, if I had to pick just two it would be

  • Parenting a child with autism
  • Little Mr demolition

I thought these two as No.1 has let me talk a little bit about our daily life and a small insight into our daily routines, etc. No.2 is more of a fun type post. Kind of going into a more comical aspect, that, all parents probably deal with. those messy kids.

I honestly could have picked any of those. Things such as talking about the daily habits, fun like the messy play. So much fun in all of them.

Can I ask, if you were to pick a favorite post of yours, what would it be? So, that’s the best posts from week 1 of the blog challenge. Let’s do this again next week after week 2, already starting to have fun with that.

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