Back To School And New School In 2020

Back To School And New School In 2020

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It’s that time of the year again – back to school after the summer holiday. For some it’s back to school after something like 6 months. Quite some time off.

We we’re lucky in that, not so little Miss was in year 6 – so she had 6 weeks back before the holiday. So did little Mr – though he could have gone through the lock down as he requires more assistance and learning because of his EHCP.

New school for not so little Miss

For our daughter though, it’s a more nervous and prominent part of her life as she moves up into secondary school. Usually when this happens they have a transition day before the end of the summer term – but because of lockdown and restrictions that did not happen.

To make it even more nerve racking – she decided to try out for a Grammar school, passed the test and got in. In her entire year there were only 4 girls from her school that got in (it’s an all girls school).

The other 3 girls were from another class (all friends) which means only not so little Miss from her class got in. So, its a new start and also new people – none of the other girls are in her class.

So, it’s a nerve racking time for her. However, this school is one of the highest (in some charts highest) rated school in the area. So, it’s education over social – both are important, but you can always make new friends in a new school.

So, that’s what’s going to be happening. There are others in this same situation and the moms are trying to arrange times to get the kids from a class together to meet before Monday. I think that will be of benefit.

For anyone reading this that is yet to go through the process of finding a secondary school – I recommend visiting as many as possible. At least one that was on the list before looking around got removed from the list of possibles. Don’t just pick one as I know many do – get that comparison in.

Expensive for sure

One thing we certainly noticed about this transition is the expense. School uniform, especially when go to secondary level, is expensive. The one issue with the school we all picked is that they are very picky on uniform.

For example, skirts can only be picked from 2. Both these skirts can only be picked up from particular school uniforms shops. No going to the supermarket and picking up a grey skirt no more.

Other uniform, likes sportswear, had to be of a particular school colour and had to have names embroidered on them. Extra expense. Then comes the particular pens, pencils, calculator and so on…

Be prepared – I would recommend saving up a bit in the years coming up to the uniform purchase. – so the few hundreds pound cost is not a big hit.

I’m trying not to make this a rant post on the cost of school uniform – but it is expensive. So, trying to save a little each month for a year or two leading up to it will help our considerable. Just a little tip I wish we had thought about 2 years ago – or even last year.

Little Mr back at his school

For little Mr there is less change. He goes back to his SEN school. That said, there is a change in that he changes class.

For the first few years he was in a class with the same children. Then last year they go split up about 50/50. This year he goes into another class where I don’t think there are any of the original kids he started with…. If there is, then there maybe 1.

That said, age-wise, the oldest will be about 12 whereas little Mr is just coming 8 – so few years. In SEN schools though they tend to put in a class with the same needs or similar needs. So, in his class are children that are either non-verbal (like little Mr) or have communication difficulties.

So, there is change in that respect – though in regards to school he will stay in the same one till he is 16/18. No excitement for us looking around secondary schools.

That said, he school is very good and works well with the children – so we have no worries there.

So, new year of school begins…

So, new year of school. New school. Heading towards the end of 2020. Let’s just hope that 2021 is a better year.

Just out of curiosity – how many others are going through this new school process also? Why not leave your thoughts and stories below…

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