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Back To School After Lockdown

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Next week, little Mr and not so little Miss go back to school.

Our daughter is in Year 6, so she is part of the first group and is looking forward to getting back – even if for only 6 weeks. She is a little upset that didn’t get to do her SATS (she had worked very hard and in all pre-tests averaged just 1 wrong question – so she really wanted to test herself).

So, she is not happy that missed SATS and the day to go visit her new school where only her and 2 other girls from year 6 are going – but is happy to get back to the routine. We’re also happy as it removes that distraction of electronics and Roblox 🙂

Little Mr is also heading back. He is only year 2, but because of his needs he has a full time place starting next week. Well, we say full time – they asked us if he could stay off Wednesday’s as they have a full class on Wednesday – they have some children doing just some days…

He gets full time because he is one of the more vulnerable children – in regards to his needs. Though it’s going to be a challenge as he has been off for nearly 2 months – and they are only back for 5 weeks.

We’re all looking forward to normality

We’re all looking forward to it though, the normality. Also, the school were really progressing with little Mr and we feel he has fallen back a little due to not having that expertise input each day – we do our best but don’t always have all the knowledge or skills that have.

I myself are looking forward to doing something more productive. At the beginning of this pandemic I found myself, like many, out of work. I did all the necessary and we have coped well – but I have to start getting back into more day to day work now we are getting more open as a country – the UK if you didn’t realise 🙂

I’m not sure how long it will take us, as a country, as a world, to get back to normality – but we really need to strive for it. This virus will be with us for longer that we think – but we just need to follow the guidelines to help us.

What I hope is that a vaccine can come soon. What I don’t want is for our kids to have to miss out on the day to day interaction they have with their peers. When we were at school we got to interact in the playground – not from just 2 metres away.

Normality will be to be able to just be in a room and not worry that we are going to get a virus. We never had to worry about that with things like colds and flu’s – so hoping that we can get to a place where Covid-19 fits in with those (because of any vaccine).

It’s been difficult – but least we had a garden

Looking back over the past few months – like many would say, it’s been difficult. Having to stop in the house – especially as little Mr just loves to get out.

We went from just being able to go out, take drives for him to enjoy – to not being able to leave the house. He didn’t understand at first. However, the good this is that we have a garden and he spent quite a bit of time out there. I know many didn’t have that luxury so I am really thankful of that.

We were allowed to do out daily exercise – so we went for a walk around the estate. This was the only outside world we saw.

The negative side is, that this became the normal. Getting into the car, now that we can, has become a little more difficult. He finds it difficult to tolerate longer drives – something we had to work on some time ago. So, another challenge we now have to re-work on.

We all have new challenges

We all have new challenges because of this pandemic. Some are more minor and some major. Moving forward we will have these changes to living to deal with, this virus living with us. Let’s hope that we can progress through this and come out with a new normal that matches our old normal.

I know little Mr will get back on the right path when he gets back to school – though for less time that he will be off again for summer holiday.

I know that not so little Miss will progress well – even with the challenge of not being able to see her new school and teacher when she moves up in September.

I know we will progress with our challenges – such as new uniform (she needs some parts embroided with name) and new work.

Shops are still a challenge with queues to get in.

But we will all get through this…

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