Autism and Haircuts

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We need more barbers like this one.

Haircuts are a difficult thing

As many of you know, taking a child with Autism to have his or her hair cut is a difficult thing; not just for the child themselves but also for the parents. I don’t know about you, but we put it off for as long as we can – just because it’s so difficult for us all.

We have lots of meltdowns, screams, cries and other such things as its such a difficult thing for them to handle.

This barber goes out of his way through to help and make sure that this very unsettling thing is less scary.

Check out this video. We need to see more hairdressers/barbers link this one.

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  1. This is great. Our local barber won’t touch my son’s hair anymore after a near-ear-lopping incident. However, we do have a great hairdresser who comes to our house. Her son is also autistic so she has loads of patience with him and knows how to calm him down. My son actually looks smart now, as opposed to him having long hair that’s in his eyes.

    1. Author

      Yes we found our local hair dressers very scared when we took our son. We stopped in the end and his aunt gets trimmer out. Lots cries but doesn’t take too long. Wish had same barber near us.

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