Autism Awareness Day 2019 - Autism April and my thought on autistic word

Autism Awareness Day 2019 – Autism April

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It’s been a month or two since I last left a post – 2019 so far has been a busy year. I am looking forward to April though, at least these first week, or to be more exact next week – as I have a week off.

Before I digress, and make this post bigger than I wanted, let me get down to the subject of this post – Autism Awareness Day (month) 2019.

Comes round so fast

Each year I almost miss this day because it comes round so fast. At least for us and I expect many others who have Autism in their lives, that’s what it seems. Being an ASD dad is a full-time endeavour – though being a dad is that at times even if you don’t have autism in your lives.

I suspect that companies have a long term view, planning everything that they want to do for the month – at least that is what it seems from my perspective.

I also expect that some people do similar things – planning all their fund raising and awareness events.

For many of us, though, Autism is not a 1 day or month things of the year, its something we’re heavily involved with every day. Personally though, I look at this as a blessing.

I’ve learnt so much about Autism

In the last 4 years I’ve learnt so much that I never knew before. So much about ASD, so much about the things my son and so much about myself.

Although there are things, goals, we have in place for my son – to try and make his transition in later life easier; I would not change any of the past years – and I look forward to the future.

If there was one thing I wish, it would be that we would have not just an Autism Day or Month – but that every year was Autism Year.

I want to try and remove some of that last ignorance about ASD. I don’t mean ignorance in a bad manner; it’s just that many don’t know anything about Autism and make a presumption- such as kids playing with kids with a diagnosis of Autism.

On that thought, it brings me to a little rant. I’m not sure why but I had the word autistic when directed at someone. I prefer diagnosed, or ASD – I just think that autistic has been used as a label, a negative one at that, for too long. Rant over.

World autism year…???

That’s really the though I want to pass on for the day. #AutismAwarenessDay – take a month to read and understand a little more. Something I have always wanted to convey through this blog.

Let the future be bright for all of us.

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