A very sensory Christmas

A very sensory Christmas

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So, its that time of the year again, I think I may have mentioned it once or twice in previous posts. Yes, it’s coming up to Christmas and the decorations are up.

In a previous post, I talked about how we have particular decorations up and don’t go overboard, partly due to making sure it’s not too much of an overload.

However, we’ve found one thing happening this year, something that didn’t happen last year.

It’s turning out to be a very sensory Christmas

So, little Mr has found lots of extra sensory input from all the decorations. Could it be the tree and the lights? Well, part of it is going up to the tree and taking off the baubles, he did that a little last year.

This year though, its the tinsel.

So, we have a little tinsel here and there, not so much on the tree, more like on the fireplace surround, around things like curtain rails and so on. Just something to add a little more sparkle. However, little Mr. has really taken to the feel of the tinsel and playing with it.

Let’s face it, tinsel does have that nice feeling when you run it through your hands – so I can understand why he finds it so nice to play with. As we also know though, tinsel does malt – in that you find little bits of tinsel here and there on the carpet. Really is adding that extra level of mess 🙂

It’s keeping him entertained…

It is keeping him entertained, although we have to watch he doesn’t get too much sensory input. Too much can be overwhelming and then comes the meltdowns. I can imagine that after Christmas, he’s going to be lost when the tinsel goes away – though we couldn’t really handle it all year round.

Each morning finding a half bear tinsel string just laying around. Tinsel strands all over the place. O the joy of Christmas.

We’re also finding the odd bauble or two moved from the tree onto the floor – at least not too far from the tree.

We do love that the kids are having fun at Christmas – even if we have, what I am calling naken tinsel now.

So, do you have any fun or nightmare decoration stories on your list; if so, why not share them below?

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