Now thats crabbing gear for sure

A crabbing at Mudeford

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So, Sunday, yesterday, we decided it was time to go crabbing. We have been promising our No.1 (our daughter) that we would take her over to the quay and do some crabbing for a while.

We had 2 options, Poole or Mudeford. We decided on Mudeford, mainly because we could park right next to where we would be crabbing.

Mudeford on a Winters day

Mudeford on a Winters day

This is near where we crabbed

This is near where we crabbed

First thing we learnt about crabbing at Mudeford

It gets bloody busy… Seriously. We go there around 10:30 am, we only live 15 miles or so away. Even at that time most of the car park was full and there were so many people along the quay front crabbing.

We found a parking space fairly easy, I think we were lucky really. So, get there early. Or go there during the colder months when the kids aren’t on holiday. I’m sure we will go back a few times, most likely on the weekends much later in the year – when people are not holidaying down here.

Second thing I learnt about crabbing at Mudeford

Well, this one doesn’t actually relate to Mudeford; it’s just I learnt it there. The bait stinks.

We looked up online what was the best bait. It said either dead fish or something like bacon. When we got over and parked, we went to the little shop there and bought some bait. They sell small bags of dead cut up fish bait to use.

When you open it and put it in the net – it stinks. Even more so after a little while of using it. Touch it with your hands at your own risk. Smelly, dead fishing hands later.

The best of it is, it proved not too good. But that is for a bit later in this post.

Third thing I learnt about crabbing at Mudeford

When there are so many people there, crabbing, and they have loads. Then it leaves far less for you to catch. All along we saw buckets with loads of crabs. One counted 22. they were all using the same bait as us – yet we only got one bite.

I think, at least for my own self-esteem and sanity, that all the crabs had either been captured or had run off after a few dips in some people buckets. I do, honestly believe that there were too many people there and so crabs were scarce. Something we will find out next time we go when it is quieter.

Fourth thing I learnt about crabbing at Mudeford

Equipment is key. We had one of those nets on the end of a string with a weight to drag it down.Most people had one of these. They sold them in the shop. However, some people had a large net that had the bait in the middle and it lay flat.

The tackle (if you can call it that) we use relied on the crab holding on for dear life, while we yanked it forever upwards and into our bucket. However, these bigger nets just relied on the crab walking on and then it got pulled up. It didn’t need to hold on and no risk of it dropping off – we had that happen.

I’ve now, before we go again, grabbing one of these nets. We saw some pull it up with 3 crabs at a time in it. Now that is crabbing.

Now thats what I call crabbing gear

Now thats what I call crabbing gear

What I finally learnt about crabbing at Mudeford

I learnt that I really didn’t know a lot about crabbing. I really didn’t know a lot about the place and didn’t know home many other people there would be like me there.

I learnt that we need the better tackle and that we need to grab the better bait. Overall, I learnt that I could enjoy sitting and crabbing with my kids – well my daughter as my son doesn’t like to stay and wait. Waiting and ASD – not the best combination for us.

So, are we going to go crabbing again

I reckon so. Our daughter, No.1 definitely loved it. We just need to get the better tackle and go at a quieter time of the year. The good ting is, we live close enough to pop over anytime – so Autumn / Winter crabbing, here we come.

Have you ever been crabbing? Have you ever done crabbing in Mudeford. I’d love to hear from you with your stories of how many you caught and tips on where you fished and bait used. Leave us a comment below.

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  1. Hi

    We went Crabbing on Sunday. We sat in the sun. It was 2 degrees but felt very warm sitting in the sun!

    We parked on a single yellow line outside of the carpark so parking was free on a sunday.

    We took bacon to use as bait and bought the little net with the weight (that you were talking about) from the shop! We also bought the usual fishing net on a stick and put it underneath when pulling the bait net up, so we could catch falling crabs.

    We caught 30 crabs in about an hour and were very successful! There was only one other family crabbing near us and they were equally successful!..

  2. We went crabbing today at mudeford and between the three of us being myself, my husband and my 12 year old son who is autistic we caught around 50 crabs in about an hour and a bit. We used bacon and crab sticks as bait ( did feel a bit awkward feeding crabs crabsticks but they seemed to love it). I think it’s now our favourite place to crab and we will deffo go again!!

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