5 Things I have Enjoyed This week

5 things I’ve enjoyed this week #5

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So I best make this a good one, mainly because this is the last week of my test schedule. See, I started this schedule to run over 4-5 weeks to see, firstly if I could run with a schedule, but secondly to try out some different posts to see what worked and what didn’t.

Though, more on that in a post that’s yet to come. I plan to give everyone the run down on my thoughts on this schedule and its results next week – so lets get back to today’s post. 5 things I’ve enjoyed this week.

1. Getting the last of the Christmas presents bought

Christmas is always a trying time, well at least at the shops. Everyone shopping, crowded checkout and so on. It gets much worse as Christmas gets closer. So, one thing I enjoyed this week was finally getting the last of the presents bought. Now its just the food and we’re all sorted.

2. Cyber Monday

So, last week we had Black Friday which then turned into Cyber Monday, on, well, Monday. The reason I enjoyed it though is I have bought a bargain. I bought some nice wireless computer gaming headphones which means I won’t get tangled now when I’m moving backward and forwards from my chair to the bedroom to see if little Mr is going to sleep or not.

Gifts always make things enjoyable – though I can’t have them till Christmas day as its supposed to be gift from the kids…

3. The Christmas lights are going up

Now, I’m not talking about in the town, I’ve already talked about that. I mean, they are going up on the houses. People have started putting up their own Christmas lights, so you get all these fantastic shows when driving home from work.

Its also the time of year, well in a week or so, where we go for drives to see what lights we can see.

4. Finding a brilliant affiliates course

Now, I’m not going to bore you or sound like I am trying to sell something, so I won’t mention the name. However, I am always learning, or always wanting to learn. Some may read into that more, its kind of like an addiction. Thing is, I’m like, learn it, do it – then that’s it, I’ve done that so move onto the next thing. And yes, I know what kind of a trait that is – but its something I’ve always had and done.

Anyhow, this course that I found was cheap at $17. Its a few years old, so some of the stuff is a little dated – such as the named domain. However, I am really enjoying it and I have learned some new stuff. So it’s in my top 5.

5. The Christmas calendars are up

So, 1st of December. That means that the kids Christmas calendars are up. I really enjoy the excitement they get knowing its the 1st of December, its almost Christmas and they get a little chocolate each day. It feels like the beginning of Christmas already.

That’s it for this week

So, there you have them. My top 5 favorite things for this week. Now, this post may change the format, may go, maybe a top 3 or something else moving forward. To find out what, keep popping back.

Also, why not leave me a comment below with your top 5 for this week also.

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