5 Things I have Enjoyed This week

5 things I’ve enjoyed this week #4

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Over the past weeks, I have found this quite easy to write, there have been so many things that 5 really didn’t seem like enough. This week may be a struggle. Its been quite a busy week and so getting out, for fun things hasn’t really been that easy.

Anyhow, that said, let’s get down with it.

1. Little Mr. saying ‘Up’

So, what has to be the best thing this week is when our little Mr. came into our bedroom last weekend, took hold of our hand (Saturday was my wife and Sunday mine) and said ‘up’.

As he is still non-verbal, actually taking our hand and saying up with a BIG thing. so, this is the top thing of the week for me, well for us. It made our week and that was only the start of the week too.

2. Black Friday Sales

So, let me say that I love to stay away from the shops during this Black Friday sales. It seems very hectic out there in the shops, and I’m not one for hectic shops.

What I do love though is that online stores and digital product providers have many sales too. I have managed to pick up some fantastic Apps I have wanted for a while and some wireless headphones for my computer (off Amazon). The apps, in particular, are going to come in very handy…

3. Getting a review copy of Camtasia 9

So, you may not know this but I used to do lots of video reviews on YouTube (check out the Netroman28 channel and YourTechGuys28). I’ve slowed down a little now as I am always so busy, but I like to check out a product or two from time to time.

Camtasia 9, although a few months or so old now, is the newest available version of the software. I reviewed a few previous versions and have used them extensively. So, getting hold of a review copy of Camtasia 9 has just made my day some. So much so, that I made a first impressions review video for it.

4. Cheaper phone bills

Ya, cheaper bills. Well, basically, this is to do with my wife moving from one service provider to another. In the deal, which is sim only, by the way, we pay nearly £20 less and she gets 12GB of data instead of just 1GB.

Cheaper bills, ya..

5. Creating an affiliate shop site

So, this may seem like a geeky thing but I love trying new things, and one thing I have wandered about for some time is creating an affiliate site that you can just create and leave. Over the past week or so I found out about a great WordPress plugin that you can leave to create affiliate linked posts for you, linking to Amazon.

So, this week I put that in place, used Black Friday week to get some deals on other plugins I needed and finally got a site up and running. This is a kind of a test site, something that has given me that geek fix to learn something new. For that, this certainly made it into my top 5. Well that and the fact that its been a busy quiet week.

Thats my top 5 this week

So that’s my top 5 pick for the week. Some of these things were big while others smaller – but all big in fun. What about you, have you done any significant things this week that you would like to share? If so, why not leave them in a comment below.


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