5 Things I have Enjoyed This week

5 things I’ve enjoyed this week #1

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This week has been quite a busy one. There have been a number of things going on but here are my top 5 things that I have enjoyed this week.

1. Portland Bill Lighthouse visit

We did this last Sunday (this still falls on the Saturday to Saturday week of this post). An October visit, which you can read about in this post linked. It was a breezy day, it was an October day, but more importantly, it was a Fun day.

2. Halloween

Yes, this week included Halloween. Now, I’m not such a big dresser up and get into costume kind of guy. Even when I was a party animal. However, I do love walking around with the kids, watch them go up and do the whole trick or treat thing. Not something we did as kids.

I also love the knock, knock on the door and seeing the kids asking for trick or treat. Its just a fun night, though I used to love apple bobbing.

3. Our first parents evening for little Mr.

Yes, this week we had our first ever parents evening for little Mr. up at his new school. It was great to go and find out how he has been doing in this first half term. You don’t get to see the day to day stuff they do, especially seeing that at his SEN school it’s different to what our daughter did at her mainstream school.

4. New Apple TV arrived

My new Apple TV 4k has arrived. I’ve been waiting for around 5 weeks for this to be sent. So, I only stream TV. We do have an aerial and we do have a Virgin Cable TV box but we only have very limited channels.

Nearly 2 years ago I found that it would be much cheaper to use Now TV and stream, so I tested that out and got a Roku 3. I’ve had that for around 2 years but wanted a newer and more powerful box so when the new Apple TV came out I thought I’d give it ago.

So, I’ve only had a short time using this and there are some things I have to work around (like only iPlayer app) but the kids are excited as the games look fantastic as well as it doing streaming. I’m looking forward to playing.

5. Adding SSL certificate to my site

I started the process of moving the site to SSL and HTTPS. My hosting gives me access to 1 year free SSL. I started this Thursday and it’s going through the process of updates through the web. This means my site will be running on HTTPS and so, I hope, this gives that warm feeling of secure browsing.

I know I am loving the fact it will have secure browsing on the site for everyone.

It has been a FUN week

There you have it. My list of 5 things I have enjoyed this week. It has been a fun week, I just hope that this next one will be as fun.

How about yours? Have you had a fun week? Can you list 5 things you’ve enjoyed? If so, why not leave them in a comment below.

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